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Fall 2015:  Scott was a panelist at the XIII International Conference on University Libraries, “The Library: Technology and Knowledge,” 28-30 October 2015, Ciudad Universitaria. México, D.F.  He spoke about the shift of librarians’ professional identity from service provider to educator.

Spring 2016: Scott will begin to work directly with the University Librarian on the mission-driven renovation of the Hayden Library at Arizona State University. The motivations for this project are:  (1) to enable each student’s success, and especially to foster master learners—learners who have been trained to think critically and have an educational foundation that enables them to learn anything, to move seamlessly among disciplines, and to work collaboratively with others in innovative ways; (2) to provide a powerfully enabling front door to the library’s collections and services for all users on the Tempe campus; and (3) to create a showpiece central statement of the ASU Charter and Goals.